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Sales Consultants

How likely are you to recommend Harcourts to a friend or colleague? - 10
Tell us a little more about why you gave this score? - George Kouzionis was excellent. Very professional, reliable and honest, and he did a great job as auctioneer.
How would you rate the overall service you received from George ...5 Stars is excellent 5 - regards, Gwen Conlay


“I bought an apartment through Harcourts and the experience was as pleasant as something so stressful can be. Greg Bolto was attentive, forthright and clear in all my dealings with him and I cannot recommend him and the office highly enough. I am renting the apartment through the office as well and have found all the many staff assisting with this to be extremely helpful and fantastic communicators with regard to all my queries and any other issues that might arise.”


At a time of the year when the market slows down, Carlo Peluso was able to get my property sold a lot quicker than I was anticipating. He was even able to get a short settlement which made the purchase of my new property quick and effortless. I would happily recommend Carlo and the team at Harcourts Property People to anyone looking at selling. Regards, Adrian Re.

Property Management/Administration

Hi Rakhitha, could you let me know ASAP what time you would like to meet at Classic Court on the 01/08/2018 to do final check, keys and sign bond papers. Once again thank, you and Harcourts for your understanding and help, we would recommend Harcourts to anyone renting or selling a property. Thank you, Jennifer Clarkson 26/06/2018


Hi Heather, I have been meaning to email, but, as I’m sure you’re aware, I have been very busy with the move. I’m very happy with my property. It was left in great condition, therefore all bond may be refunded. Also, thank you very much for managing my property. You have done a brilliant job. I’m always very happy with Mr Bolto’s team and you guys will be top of mind when I need to sell for downsizing :-) Kind Regards, Tracy Dawkins


Hi Dijana Not a problem, thank you for letting me know. Thanks for being such a wonderful property manager for the last few months I wish you all the best :) Thank you Hayley 


Good morning Dijana, I just would like you to know that the kitchen is all good now and thank you so much for taking quick action. It gives my family a sense of relief that we know that your team in Harcourt is looking after us. Have a good day. Kind regards, Gener Encarnacion


Hi Greg. Thank you for this information.   I am greatly relieved that your efforts resulted in obtaining a suitable tenant.   It is the first time we have had a prolonged void period for lack of tenancy in either of our two properties, which you manage but I quite understand how efforts are not always rewarded as soon as you would like.   (For years I had a Real Estate Agency in UK, which I built up from scratch and eventually sold out to a Multinational Insurance Company.) My wife and I can honestly say that you are the best long term Agents we have experienced and we speak with experience of Agents in USA, Spain and Gt Britain (as well as yourselves in Australia of course).   We often state this when speaking with others and we have been with you since 1986.....so that's over 30 years now!   Our first introduction was through George of course and you have had a few change of names during this period but the service has always remained high so we put this latest incident in its true perspective. Furthermore, I am pleased we did not have to sell the property because it is properties in several countries, which gives us the income in which we can enjoy our retirement.   Real Estate investments have been hard to beat over the long term. Thank you for your (and your staff's) continuing service over the years, which we sincerely appreciate. Leader Street. Kind regards, Ken Walker


Hi Samantha, With absolute pleasure , here you go : We have never rented from an agency before and always went directly with the landlord only because we never heard good reviews about dealing with agencies. People always said that they never respond to emails, do not attend to maintenance issues and specially never return the bond. From inspection of the property to moving in and staying for one and a half year we never had any problems. Our issues were addressed right away , maintenance was done on priority basis and we have just been refunded our bond- in full. I would highly recommend business with Harcourts as they really are property people and know their job very well. Thanks and regards Memoona Chaudry 


Hi Azeb, Thank you SO much!! You are MY FAVOURITE PERSON!! Thank you for everything you have done for the management of the property. Vanessa


To the manager Harcourts - Woodville, As a tenant currently in property managed by your office, I was recently delighted by the customer service provided to me by one of your employees; Vemerka. Approximately 8 months ago a strip of concrete at the entry of our driveway was removed due to construction in the property adjacent to us. After construction had finished the driveway had still not been repaired so I rang your office to enquire as to who would repair it. Vemerka took my call and followed up the issue immediately. Vemerka returned my call the next day to advise she had lodged the request with the council. She advised that there would be a wait of up to 30 days for the builder to fix the driveway. After 30 days the driveway was still not fixed, however, unprompted, Vemerka followed up with a phone call to see if it had been repaired. Within the week Vemerka had called back to advise she contacted the council to arrange for the repairs and gave us exact dates of when to expect the workmen. The day before the workmen arrived she even sent a reminder text for us to leave our car on the street. The day after the workmen had been she texted to confirm that the repairs had been carried out. I would like to commend Vemerka on her attention to resolving this problem. She displayed exceptional organisation, care for her client and was very easy to deal with. Vemerka took on all the work of negotiating with the council and arranging for the repairs which is exactly what is required from a land agent in a very timely, friendly and professional manner. My apologies for the long email but I feel Vemerka should be recognised for her exceptional customer service. If you feel it appropriate please also pass this email to the landowner so that they are aware of your exceptional services provided to us. Please do not hesitate to contact me if needed and thank you once again. Kind regards, Jesse Lee International Business Administrative Officer International Education Services Department for Education & Child Development Ground Floor West, 31 Flinders Street Adelaide SA 5000 Tel: +618 8226 1285 Fax: +618 8226 3655 Email: jesse.lee@sa.gov.au www.internationalstudents.sa.edu.au Department for Education and Child Development T/A South Australian Government Schools CRICOS Provider Number: 00018A